Elite Velo Solutions, LLC, in collaboration with Berk Composites, is pleased to offer a highly requested “demo program.”

For those who have had an interest in Berk saddles, or may have wondered how comfortable a carbon saddle with Berk’s well known cutout and flex would accommodate their needs, we hope to end the skepticism.

Elite Velo Solutions, LLC, will first recognize each individual’s needs regarding saddle size via email discussions, and/or phone call.

Keeping things simple and practical, the following applies:

  • We will provide the mutually determined saddle for 2 weeks at a non-refundable cost of $50 payable via PayPal. For those requiring further time, another 2 weeks will be offered at an additional fee of $50.

  • If one determines he/she would like to purchase the saddle, the money spent will be credited towards the the advertised purchase price on our website. Simply return the demo saddle via prepaid return shipping, and once received, we will ship a new saddle via priority mail upon payment. Should one decide that his/her demo saddle is not suitable for their needs, kindly return the saddle via pre-paid shipping.

  • Demo program applies to Berk padded Lupina, padded List, and padded Dila in 7x9 oval rails.

  • Elite Velo Solutions, LLC will keep 3 each of the following in the demo program:
    132/150mm x 7x9 Lupina, 132 mm x 7x9 List, and 140/160mm 7x9 Dila.

  • In the event that all demo saddles are in use, customer agrees that he/she will wait until a demo is available. Should Elite Velo Solutions, LLC send out a “new” saddle as part of their stock, the prospective client will be informed as such, and will have the opportunity to purchase should they decide so.

  • Customer is responsible for taking proper care and installing his/her Berk demo saddle to the required 5nm torque. Carbon paste is not necessary. Customer also acknowledges that their demo saddle is the property of Elite Velo Solutions, LLC, and each party will take care of the saddle accordingly. Elite Velo Solutions, LLC is not responsible for improper assembly, maintenance, or maintenance by an unauthorized technician, installation of parts or accessories not originally intended for, or compatible with, the product(s) as sold, nor damage or failures caused by a crash, large impact, abuse of the product, non-compliance with manufactures specifications of usage or any other fractious reasons.

  • Purchaser understands and agrees that as the distributor of Berk Composites, Elite Velo Solutions, LLC, did not participate in its design or manufacture and, therefore, will not be responsible for any injuries or death caused by any defect in its design, manufacturing, or by any failure to warn the purchaser.

  • Purchaser hereby releases Elite Velo Solutions, LLC, and its officers, directors and employees from any liability for any injuries and/or damages sustained in connection with the demo and/or purchased saddle.

  • Should the demo saddle not be returned in the agreed terms, prospective customer will be charged full advertised price.

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Legend by Bertoletti has decided to launch a new titanium model called the "ELT."

This frame is available in "standard" sizes, and as always, handmade in Italy 


Coming soon from Vardena