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As a former Professional in the early '80s, and still an avid cyclist, Elite Velo Solutions, LLC is owned by Eric Rafuse, operating as a North American distributor of proven, quality products and innovations. This being said, I own and have raced on bicycles handmade by Marco Bertoletti. These cycles I've grown accustomed to in the past are still available and known as "Legend by Bertoletti." Each frame is made to measure in offerings of Titanium, Carbon, Steel, and Aluminum to satisfy the most demanding customers. They are all hand-made by expert craftsmen in Italy, using the best technology available.  

Prices listed online for Legend frames are a reference point and based on the current euro. Please understand, a starting price is just a number, one which may go up or down, as the euro fluctuates. I believe each made to measure frame should start with a conversation concerning each rider's requirements, use, frame material of choice, color, components, and budget. Feel free to email us to discuss what we can do for you based on your needs.

Already have a comprehensive bike fit? Don't live in PA and need a precision bike fitting? Elite Velo Solutions has you covered, as we will lower the price of the frame. The cost is covered, as our philosophy is one that ensures you get a frame built to your needs.

For those interested in a full build, we offer complete groupsets from Campagnolo, Cane Creek, DSD Composite wheels, as well as Berk Composite saddles. Legend customized bars, stems, and seatposts from Deda and 3T available in most models, along with titanium bars, stem, seat post, and spacers from Controltech. Pricing will include discounts when buying a Legend frame. Please feel free to email for current prices.

Continuing with the custom theme, we are proud to offer Vardena's aerodynamic and innovative full carbon fiber cycling kits, 100% made in Italy, along with being the North American distributor of Berk saddles.

Our heritage is one of experience, excellence and innovation; from the very beginning, our company has been known for superior product quality and excellent service. We’re proud to continue with those same values and mission today.

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