3K-gloss-132 or 150mm
3K-matte-132 or 150mm
12K matte, 132 or 150mm
12K-gloss-132 or 150mm
UD-gloss-132 or 150mm
UD-matte-132 or 150mm
Innegra-gloss, 132 or 150mm
Berk S/M Padded Dila
Berk S/M Dila unpadded
Berk Padded Dila
Berk Dila unpadded matte
Berk List-padded,132mm
Berk Lukna Saddle
Berk Hlod Carbon
Berk Hlod-padded
Cane Creek eeBrake
Cane Creek eeTOP and Nut
Cane Creek AER
Cane Creek 110
Carbon cage
Winged cage
Water bottle cage
Titanium water  bottle cage
Berk List-padded,132mm

Berk's List handmade carbon saddle is only available as a padded version. It is the entry level saddle where a different technology is used ā€“ it adds some weight, but makes the saddle more affordable. Still lightweight at 98g. Look: padded, black leather, on request indifferent colours. Width: 132mm Max. rider weight: ā€“ oval 7x9mm saddle rails: 100kg Weight of the saddle: cca. 98g *oval saddle rails +7g $211.75 for oval rails