VARDENA is an Italian brand, which since 1980 has its factory in the city of Varese, a town situated in the North of Italy.  It is recognized as the "Land of Champions", thanks to its beyond 100 Years of cycling history, and the territory where the luxury textile, aviation, precision mechanics and most sophisticated cycling industry are located. This is also where the new technology of VARDENA Carbon Fiber Cycling Wear is engineered and manufactured.


The origins of this Italian brand come from the bond between the name of its mother city and the Ardena mountain, marking the border of Italy and Switzerland, an arduous training ground for some of the strongest cyclists. This is where Federico Simone, VARDENA’s founder, also a professional cyclist, was able to conceive the idea of a new generation of cycling uniform technology, delivering a new level of performance and capable of reducing muscle fatigue when worn.


VARDENA's mission is to design and manufacture the most aerodynamic, best performing cycling uniforms in the world. To do this, its founder has built an all-Italian team of experts in Engineering, Fluid Dynamics and Composite Materials, in order to provide cyclists the revolutionary garments that deliver exceptional performance, with the upmost comfort while on the saddle.


VARDENA’s founder studied Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan and thoroughly studied Engineering, Aerodynamics, Heat- Transfer and Design. This led to the identification of Carbon Fiber as the optimal solution for obtaining the desired performance, as well as the solution feasible from the technology utilized in the Aerospace industry.


- Full Carbon covering all main muscles of Legs and Respiratory System 
- Full Carbon with 65% Higher Capacity of Heat Dissipation. 
- Capacity of reducing the accumulation of Lactic Acid from 10 to 12% thanks to the superconductivity of carbon.
- Patchwork construction for increasing the aerodynamic of the riders on the bike.



  • Extreme Heat Dissipation.

  • Extreme Lactic Acid Removal.

  • Extreme Sun Shield.

  • Further Lightened in Weight.

  • Maximized Muscular Rotational Freedom thanks to the new All-Directional

    Elasticity Fabric.

  • Full Carbon Legs with Inner Super Matt Carbon Ceramic Fabric.

  • Rear Carbon Ceramic Heat Dissipators.

  • New Design Vardena Tricolore.








       Height in cm, weight in kg
- 165cm x 65kgs: S Jersey, S Bibs
- 170cm x 70/80kgs: M Jersey, M-L Bibs
- 175cm x 65kgs: L Jersey, M Bibs
- 180cm x 70/80kgs: L Jersey, M-L Bibs
- 183cm x 86kgs: XXL Jersey, XL Bibs
- 188cm x 93kgs: XXL Jersey, XXL Bibs


The fitting of the Jersey is Aero, while Bibs are normal.

Often the Jersey size depends on the Chest/Shoulder size of the rider.


People with wide Shoulder/Chest prefer one size-up for the Jersey.


Prices for SS jerseys is $125, bibs $180

Have a club, team, or own logo with interest in a customized kit? Customization options available.

Please email for all inquiries.


 - Winter Gilet windproof with rear Carbon Radiators.

 - Visible Carbon.

 - High Visibility.


Vardena Artic carbon Mid-Season Long Sleeve Jersey, Light and Thermal Winter Jacket available in the following colors: 

Custom kits available on request as always. Dealer and club inquiries welcomed.

MidSeason LongSleeves Jersey: 

     - Protecting layer for the first Cold of Fall/Autumn or Early Spring.

     - Rear Carbon Radiator. 

     - Visible Carbon Fiber. 

     - Aero Design. 

     - High Visibility. 


Thermal Jacket:  
    - Aero Jacket for Cold Temperatures. 

    - WindProof. 

    - WaterProof.
    - Carbon Radiators. 
    - Visible Carbon.

    - High Visibility.


Light jacket available for 179.90 for cool temperatures, less wind/waterproof


Winter Long Bibs: 

   - Full Carbon Long Bibs. 

   - Visible Carbon. 

   - Vardena Carbon Muscular Fatigue Reduction.

   - World's First Half-Moon PreShaped Pad with Left/Right Independency on each Ischial Bone.   


Sizes and how to measure: