3K-gloss-132 or 150mm
3K-matte-132 or 150mm
12K matte, 132 or 150mm
12K-gloss-132 or 150mm
UD-gloss-132 or 150mm
UD-matte-132 or 150mm
Innegra-gloss, 132 or 150mm
Berk S/M Padded Dila
Berk S/M Dila unpadded
Berk Padded Dila
Berk Dila unpadded matte
Berk List-padded,132mm
Berk Lukna Saddle
Berk Hlod Carbon
Berk Hlod-padded
Cane Creek eeBrake
Cane Creek eeTOP and Nut
Cane Creek AER
Cane Creek 110
Carbon cage
Winged cage
Water bottle cage
Titanium water  bottle cage

Berk's Lupina handmade padded carbon saddle is a full carbon road bicycle saddle. The saddle rails are also made from string carbon cord, fully handmade in Slovenia (EU) by Berk-Composites, bound to all EU high standards. Max. rider weight:– oval 7x9mm saddle rails: 100kg Weight of the 132mm saddle: cca. 90g Weight of the 150mm saddle: cca. 95g *oval saddle rails +7g $249.90 for oval rails